Man, Woman, Friend, Computer

by Man, Woman, Friend, Computer

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"Meditative and fetching, Man, Woman, Friend, Computer delivers a breakup album and overarching concept: Thomas Echols’ electronic differentiation from his guitar projects. The Austin-based Echols has mostly cut his teeth on classical projects, such as Plainte Calme, his absorbing turn of Debussy and Messiaen. Here, he ventures into a complex amalgam of analog and synth. Wistful, romantic, “Exordium” registers as an unhurried drive down a never-ending highway. Echols’ vocals sooth to surrender on “Concession Speech” and You’re a Pistol”. Standout “Nocturne” and its earlier interlude provide mid-tempo kinetics”

-The Austin Chronicle


released December 8, 2016

All songs written, performed, and produced by Thomas Echols



all rights reserved


Man, Woman, Friend, Computer Austin, Texas

“Man, Woman, Friend, Computer” is the means by which Thomas Echols makes music when he is not performing various works from the classical guitar repertoire. Simple songs unfold into meandering compositions, analogue synth fetishism, conspiracy pop, polyrhythmic laments, somnambulist visions, and process music. Classically-trained Tom was a founding member of the Grammy-nominated band Devotchka. ... more

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Track Name: Exordium
what is the feeling
when we kiss?
what are you doing?

can we save you
from what you understand?
Maybe this is just as good?
maybe we'll hide
from what we become
maybe we'll reason
that there's nothing wrong

why can't i stop this?
this taking off
with someone else's problems?
is it that it's right
or just that it feels right
well maybe it's right
cuz I know that it feels right

(give me a kiss)
Track Name: Concession Speech
with your other face
you turn and speak to the mic
nothing on your side
but your holy rosary and your vice
but you feel you've won, you've finally won
though you've lost so much
and that hollow gaze
holds everyone
you've got a lot to give
you've got a lot to figure out
but you know
to rule is the hardest thing of all
Track Name: You're a Pistol
everybody knows
it's your life
do what you need to do
cuz till you sing that song
into the night
none of us will have a clue
i've seen your side
i know you're right
but what's a boy supposed to do
though it's hard to decide
what your like
oh maybe i'm just trying to evade the truth

i saw you racing
into the night
fearless in search of something new
and i know you'll leave us
i have seen this
oh, honey, hold your rage. i believe you
but when you place your fingertips
at my side
go tell me, oh, what am i to do

everybody knows
what you're like
nobody has a clue
so you sing your song
into the night
do what you need to do
Track Name: Denouement
don't want to know your name
don't want to make you mine
i don't learn lessons well
now i wonder why
with your hand on my waist
and that look on your face

oh you turn around
and i see what it is i've got in the new thing i've found
not tonight
it won't be tonight

if i hold back the flames
will you look in my eyes?
i promise not to remember
the things that haunt my mind
and you'll come back to me, sweetheart

oh in this sudden light
you don't have to fake a thing
everything seems so nice
oh the night oh the night oh the night
it won't be tonight

oh you turn around
and i see what it is i've got
in this new thing i've found
and the night and the night and the night
it won't be tonight
Track Name: Chanson d'Amour
what you want to have
now you're gonna get
(cuz you're so good)

why don't you bring it back
you better bring it back
(cuz, honey, i miss you)

oh yes i want you bad
oh yes you're gonna keep me just running

and you can be alright
but you've gotta leave tonight at some point, don't you?
and i don't want to lie
and i feel alright
standing next to you
Track Name: The Apologist
all the brave lions
take fear and hide
look who's got you now
break that light
fear for yourself
there's nobody else
i've been brave enough
to put this shit down right

well you know now
what it takes
how to go the wrong way now
i've been going the wrong way now
and you know now
how it feels
how to go the wrong way now
i've been going the wrong way now

reassure yourself
everybody's dead
will you write me
from the other side?
i finally recognize
there's nothing that i can do
well you've made off
oh, honey, with all of it

and you know now
what it takes
and you're wishing it all away now
and we're wishing it all away now
and you know now
how it feels
when you're asking the wrong question
without reason
and you know now
what it takes
oh to forget those magic days
but you won't leave them
don't you know now?
how to fight?
oh i wish you'd believe it
but you won't even
Track Name: Remission
sometimes i'm up late
sometimes i don't fall asleep
and when you rush me
i can't hardly think
you're gone ten months of the year
cuz nothing happens here

"it's done", you said
so we broke our bread, like father/son
cuz you want to live your lie
with your head held high
she spreads a cancer between us
oh but now she's gone

i know what you said
i know what you said
i know what you said
everyone here knows just what you said
it doesn't matter to me anymore
Track Name: Nocturne
now we're safe
in the den
we'll think things through
we won't pretend
we found them out
and all they conspired
and i don't know you
but i think you're right

if all your friends
leave in the end
we'll tell some tales
remember when
remember when we had a goal?
thought we had it down, we had control
of all this sex and lies and rock and roll

oh you've got ways you can see things
and i know you're right
now you see right through me now
more than i can know
we're finally safe inside this place
found the song inside the song
found this all inside your soul
Track Name: Outgrown
there's nothing wrong
you only need
to be alone
but i
i can't decide
if i'm strong enough
to just step aside
i was alive
only long enough
to recognize
is something wrong
i can't even
begin to solve

i was a child
i didn't understand
how to fight
how a feeling
all of it's own
reaches out beyond
and leaves you alone
there comes the part
when there's nothing left
but what's in your heart
well there's one thing
you should know
oh, i'd never
stand and watch you go